The Known Unknowns

CounterAction helps companies make more informed business decisions
by anticipating the trajectory and impact of information operations.

Controlling Loss, Finding Opportunity

CounterAction's actor centric model provides the
the information needed to manage complex risk.

Danielle Whelton

Danielle began her career as a journalist. Over 16 years, she worked for ABC News, CNN International, and finally, Senior Executive Producer of CNN’s White House Unit. Since then, she has provided crisis communications services for high profile clients. Her unique knowledge of media in adversarial environments are among the many skills she brings to CounterAction.

Monika Richter
Senior Director, Emergering Threats

Monika is an internationally recognized expert in authoritarian influence and democratic subversion. She joins CounterAction from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the East Stratcom Task Force.

Trevor Davis

Trevor Davis is the founder and CEO of CounterAction, and a research professor at the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs. Trevor was recognized for his years working at the cutting edge of digital organizing and online media with a fellowship in Technology Democracy at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is a recognized as matter expert in election disruption on social platforms. He speaks frequently around the world and advises governments and non-governmental organizations on policy responses.

Kate Head
Research and Partnerships

Kate Head has over thirty years supporting government, civic organizations, and political leaders. She has provided expert advice and support in strategic communications across Africa, Asia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

A Complex World

Don't react, anticipate.